Saving Water for a Better Life

Have you noticed that even though the drought is over, water bills didn't go down?

In fact, all indications suggest that water will become even more expensive and regulated here in North County, San Diego.

And here you are, just a hardworking homeowner who wants to enjoy your yard without losing even more of your paycheck.

That's money that can go toward:

  • vacations
  • college tuitions
  • a nicer car
  • your favorite charities
  • savings and investments
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How can you prepare for the future?

The best way to lower your water bills now and prepare for the future is to update your irrigation -- Turning Point Irrigation will help you to take advantage of the newest water-efficient technology and water-saving systems.

We're Water-Saving Experts

Jeff DiSabatino is QWEL certified by the San Diego Water Authority, an elite qualification that few San Diego landscapers have. That, combined with  more than 20 years experience serving the homeowners of San Diego make Jeff an expert in helping you find the best water-saving options for your home or business.

Turning Point Irrigation will work with you to make sure your home continues to be the haven that you treasure -- without draining your bank account.

Turning Point Water Saving Desert Landscaping

desert landscaping is one of many options

Custom Designed Irrigation

A sprinkler system that is specially designed to work with your yard, using the latest water-saving technology so that water goes only where it needs to go.

Repairs and Replacements

Leaks and faulty equipment are the main sources of high water usage. Replace your current sprinkler heads and controls with water-efficient ones to see an immediate difference in your plants and in your water bill.

Water-Saving Landscape Options
Choosing drought-tolerant plants and landscaping with water consumption in mind are just two tools of xeriscaping -- design with water needs in mind.  Turning Point can provide assistance and maintenance -- so that you can enjoy your yard.

Quality Products Made in the USA

We work with the finest American-made irrigation products  -- using the latest technology to make sure that water only goes where it's needed, so your yard looks perfect, and your water bill stays reasonable.

Take Care of Your Family, Take Care of Your Yard.

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