Not Your Grandfather's Sprinkler System

We work with American-made systems that make managing your water needs so much easier.

Sprinkler Controllers

  • Create custom schedules that meet the specific needs of various zones.
  • Automatically adjust for changing weather.

Wireless Flow Meters

  • Detect small leaks so that repairs can be made before serious damage occurs.
  • Monitor water usage and automatically shut off water if usage goals are reached, so you can directly control your day-to-day landscaping costs.

Efficient Fixtures

  • Sprinkler heads and drip lines that target the needs of specific foliage and zones for maximum efficiency.
  • Retrofit current fixtures to save time, water, and money.

We Provide Irrigation & Landscaping Services to Keep Your Properties Beautiful & Efficient

  • Housing Associations (HOAs)
  • Private and Charter Schools
  • Apartment or Condo Complexes
  • Industrial Properties
  • Business Complexes
  • other small to medium-sized commercial properties

Turning Point Landscape Services Offers Specialized Water-Saving Options for Your Commercial Property

Our owner, Jeff DiSabatino has extensive training in water-efficient irrigation, reclaimed water irrigation systems, and landscaping techniques that will result in your saving money, resulting in a lower bottom line for your budget.

Our systems will also make managing your property easier, saving you time.

Our Certifications:

San Diego Water Authority Quality Water Efficient Landscaper Certification (QWEL)

Recycled Water Supervisor Certification

State of California Licensed C-27 Landscape Contractor -- qualified to address all aspects of your landscaping needs.

We Bring Our Very Best to Care for Your Commercial Property

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